“Pretend you are at the dinner table with a 5-year old and they ask what you do for work. What would you say?”


I have seen people straight up not be able to answer this question. It’s because communicating simply is so much harder than hiding behind jargon. Whether creating positioning, strategy, guidelines, or voice, all brand development starts with stating the simplest truths - and doing it in a way that hasn't already been done before

  • Nike asked me to attend their Global Events Employee retreat at Summit Series and literally (correct usage of the word) illustrate the entire thing. I created a series of 30 watercolors that distilled the content of the three-day event into a beautiful picture book for attendees.

  • I teamed up with Project X to design and lead a brand foundation workshop to help Summit Series create W+, a program to get more women to the world’s top entrepreneur and leadership events.

  • Project X and I also helped Make Up For Ever, golden child of Sephora, determine their core company values over the course of one day by assembling all 94 employees in a room to conduct a raucously fun, romper room of a workshop.