I am the founder and president of  The Naming Group, one of the top global naming agencies in the world. 


Having led naming at Chevrolet, Kohler, Reebok, Gap, Nestlé, Epson, Sony, and Puma (among some others), chances are you’ve probably directly interacted with something we’ve named. When I first started working in brand naming, I saw huge companies approach naming in a real screwy way - naming products in isolation, often, like, two minutes before launch. It was super expensive, inefficient and the resulting names made the brand appear disjointed. So I created the Namescape School of Thought and focused my naming agency on spreading that gospel.

Below are some highlights, but you can see all the work we’ve done on The Naming Group agency website (which is getting a facelift at the end of the month, praise be).

  • The Naming Group recently wrote the bible for naming footwear at Reebok - guidelines for how names are created and how the internal naming process functions on an organizational level. We’ve also created multiple names for their footwear from Solestead to Esoterra.

  • In our multi-year partnership with Kohler, we brought order and strategy to their namescape in creating over 30 product names - from Aparu a clean-lined shower fixture from which a sheet of water suddenly appears to Elevance for a really neat bath tub with a rising wall. 

  • We partnered with Chevrolet as their naming agency of record developing names for global and domestic vehicles, programs and technologies. You’ve seen Sonic and Trax on the road.